Steve Tromans & JJ Wheeler Duo Residency @ Stray’s Jazz

Steve Tromans/JJ Wheeler Duo are proud to announce that they have secured a monthly residency in partnership with Stray’s Jazz Club in Newark, Notts. Having heard great things about this Coffee House/Tapas Bar-come-Jazz Club, we’re excited to be undertaking the opportunity of a regular gig which will help this relatively new project develop immeasurably.
Visitors to the club will have the chance to watch a project in progression as both JJ and Steve increase their common language, as well as taking their own musical paths both in practice (performance) and academia (MA and PhD students at Royal Academy of Music and Middlesex University) between gigs.
The Duo also have several other gigs both confirmed and in the pipeline for late 2011 and throughout 2012 (see ‘Gigs’ page), but these are the first five dates for the residency at Stray’s (first Saturday of every month);
3rd December
7th January
4th February
3rd March
7th April
For more about Stray’s, check out their website!

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